Who We Are


Gabrielle Kardon


Gabrielle had a circuitous path to her current position. As a Yale undergrad, she majored in geology. She pursued graduate school in paleobiology at the University of Michigan and completed a MS thesis on coevolution. However, she became convinced  developmental biology was her scientific path. After forays into science policy, high school teaching and world travel, she returned to academic science. She began research on the musculoskeletal system, obtained her PhD with Dave McClay and Stephen Wainwright at Duke, and postdoc'd with Cliff Tabin at Harvard. She started the lab in Utah in 2004. Outside lab, she tries to keep up with her family of boys, learn ukulele, read poetry, and wander in the glorious Utah mountains and desert.

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Eric Bogenschutz

Graduate Student

Eric is interested in the genetic underpinnings of CDH using  mouse genetic models of CDH and genomic analysis of CDH patient families. He graduated from Montana State University with a major in bioengineering and a minor in mathematics. When not in lab, he can be found exploring the wilderness of Utah, skiing one of Utah’s many mountains or volunteering at the Natural History Museum of Utah.   

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GitHub: ebogey


Brittany Collins

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brittany is broadly interested in investigating the effects of sex, age, and disease on muscle function with a focus on the muscle stem cell, specifically how these cells affect overall skeletal muscle metabolism and health. She completed her PhD with Dawn Lowe at University of Minnesota in 2017, studying the effects of the sex hormone, estrogen, on skeletal muscle function and regeneration. She has continued her love for muscle and muscle regeneration in the Kardon lab but is now digging deeper into how fibroblasts interact with the muscle stem cell as well as its metabolism during the regeneration process. When not in the lab, Brittany can be found hiking around the different canyons with her two dogs (Lily and Tommy), checking out local breweries, or playing soccer.

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Mirialys Gallardo

Lab Technician

Mirialys is studying the early development of the diaphragm using mouse genetics. She graduated from Mount Holyoke with a major in neuroscience and behavior. Outside of lab, she is draws, reads, and cooks creative vegan delights.

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Liz Sefton

Postdoctoral Fellow

Liz is broadly interested in how changes in developmental mechanisms underlie morphological diversity and disease.  She completed her PhD with James Hanken at Harvard University in 2016, studying the embryonic origin of the skull and cranial musculature in axolotls.  In the Kardon lab, she continues her love of muscle by studying diaphragm development in a comparative context.  She is currently focusing on the role of growth factors in congenital diaphragmatic hernias.  When not in lab, Liz can be found wandering the canyons around Salt Lake City, baking cookies, or watching Battlestar Galactica with her cat, Ziggy.  

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Twitter: @Liz_Sefton


Caitlin Shaw

Lab Technician

Caitlin studies the molecular and cellular regulation of satellite cells during adult muscle regeneration. She graduated with a major in microbiology from Weber State. When she is not in lab, she enjoys hiking, biking, and snowshoeing in the mountains.

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Sam Mathew

Postdoctoral Fellow (2008-2012)

Wellcome Trust Fellow (2013-2017)

Assistant Professor at Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Delhi, India

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Alex Keefe

MD-PhD Student (2011-2016)

Currently a 4th year medical student at University of Utah

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Mary Colasanto

PhD Student (2011- 2016)

Currently Project Manager at Knudra Transgenetics

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Jennifer Lawson

Lab Technician (2009-2016)

Graduated with a BS at University of Utah!

Zac Fox

Lab Technician (2013-2016)

Currently a medical student at University of Michigan

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Allyson Merrell

Graduate Student (2008- 2014)

Currently a postdoc in Ben Stanger's lab at University of Pennsylvania

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Kelsey Lewis

Lab Technician (2010-2013)

Currently a graduate student in Marty Cohn's lab at University of Florida

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Malea Murphy

Graduate Student (2006-2012)

Currently a postdoc in Sean Morrison's lab at UT Southwestern

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Dave Hutcheson

Postdoctoral Fellow (2006-2009)

Currently a Research Assistant Faculty, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, University of Utah

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Tom Beres

Postdoctoral Fellow (2005-2009)

Currently a Scientific Review Officer at Center for Scientific Review, NIH

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Jody Hansen

Lab Technician (2008-2009)

Jia Zhao

Lab Technician (2007-2008)

Currently a Lab Specialist at University of Utah

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Ian Trask

Lab Technician (2006-2007)

Currently an Artist extraordinaire in Maine

Cori Renshaw

Lab Technician (2005-2006)

Mark Hansen

Lab Technician/MD Student (2005-2007)

Currently an ophthalmologist at Minnesota Eye Consultants

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Callie Frey

High school lab intern (2015-2016)

Currently an undergraduate at University of Chicago

Cyrus Johnston

High school lab intern (2015)

Currently finishing high school

Wesley Johnston

High school lab intern (2013-2014)

Currently finishing high school